Ashford Park-14Private Paddock (most with shelters)

Includes use of all facilities, hard feed twice daily, quality round hay bale kept off the ground in steel cradle or biscuits twice daily for those who are a bit tubby for the all day buffet, top rugs removed and replaced (once daily only) as dictated by weather conditions, regular harrowing of manure,  worming if required after fecal egg count (fecal egg count test is an additional charge)  horses brought in and out for vet or farrier.  Any additional supplements you wish to supply can be added at feed time

$830 per month for private paddock

$760 per month for non sheltered paddock

Vet Services/Sickness/Injury

No matter how well the property is managed, there is the possibility of sickness or injuring visiting your horse.  Regrettable as they occurrences are, Elite Equine Property Services Pty Ltd will not under any circumstances be held liable for such events.  We shall make every effort to ensure that your horse remains safe and healthy, but in the event that your horse does succumb to an illness or injury all associated costs shall be borne by you.  We would ask that you call your own vet when required.  If you advise us who your vet is , then we may event of our becoming aware of a problem with your horse that requires urgent attention and our being unable to contact you first.  Should that vet be unavailable we may contact another vet on your behalf, please note that all vetinary expenses incurred in this manner remain payable by you.  Routine dental care is your responsibility although we do arrange group bookings of these services to assist you.  We encourage you to insure your horse, saddlery and equipment against risk at all times.  All items left on the property are left at your own risk.